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Lesson 1: Disasters in the making

Marketing Docs

The folks in one of our prospective client’s Marketing Department thought it was “okay” to have their marketing documents sprawled all over the place.

They had docs stored on their machines, the servers in the office, their phones – you name it. I think one guy even had documents stored on a USB drive stashed next to the Microwave in the break room.


Have you ever seen a slow motion trainwreck?  I don’t mean literally. Picture it, you’re at a party and someone brings up a topic that gets on your buddy’s last nerve. Usually it’s his wife that does it.

His lip is quivering, he’s starting to shake a little and you know what’s coming.

You’re looking at a slow-mo trainwreck in the making until…


Game on.

You know from that point forward it’s going to be a crappy night for everyone.


Speaking of crappy nights, ever had the pleasure of talking to an engineer?  I wonder if the engineers that run the trains use the same condescending tone when talking to their passengers. They’re probably all robots now anyway.

But that’s a topic for another conversation.

Point is, engineers are a “special” breed. They do things their way because that way makes “sense” to “them”. Often, they are the ONLY people that it makes sense to.

That’s fine, but in the data sprawl example we saw recently the issue should be clear; if any one of those places they’ve got data stashed in dies, they’re screwed. ROYALLY.


So why oh why would you put all your eggs in one basket?


Because if they’re all in one basket you can control them. You know where they all are. You can back those eggs up to the Cloud and not have to worry when someone comes along and accidentally breaks one of the eggs or decides to microwave it, or it gets stolen at a press event.


The lesson here is this:

It’s okay to have all your company data in one location, but ONLY if there is redundancy. We’re talking about backups here. Preferably in that magical place they call “The Cloud.”

It’s NOT okay to have data sprawled all over the place. Don’t do that. That would be… bad.

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